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Book Recommendations

One activity that stands out as a highlight in our English classroom is our ‘Book Recommendations Wall.’ This simple yet effective exercise we did in a Language Rotations session not only fostered a love for reading but also cultivated important skills in our students.
During the school year, in 6º Grade, we introduced our students to a wide range of books across different genres and styles. From adventure to mystery or fantasy, we explored them all. Giving students the freedom to choose their readings empowered them to discover stories that truly captivated their interests. It’s like opening a door to a world of endless possibilities!

We discussed what makes a book special – the characters, the plot twists, the emotions it evokes – and put our thoughts into words. Students exchanged recommendations, eager to dive into new adventures. It was not just about reading anymore; it was about connecting through shared stories and experiences.

Our goal goes beyond just teaching our students to read: writing book recommendations fosters critical thinking, communication skills, and empathy – all essential qualities for success in life. Plus, it shows our students that reading can be enjoyable and fulfilling, not just another school assignment. As you can notice, they develop their IB attributes daily: communicators, caring, open-minded, reflective…