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Cultural exchange 2024

At Arturo Soria School, fostering global connections is not just a goal but a reality. Recently, our school welcomed a group of American students, initiating a cultural exchange that left an indelible mark on both our students and our guests.

The interaction began as a simple classroom visit, but it quickly evolved into an enriching dialogue between our 6th graders and their American counterparts. The American students shared insights into their culture and educational system, from discussions about daily routines to reflections on societal norms. They embraced their role as cultural ambassadors, patiently answering our students’ questions.

One of the highlights of the exchange was to make an oratory speech comparing American and Spanish educational systems. Guided by their newfound knowledge and inspired by the exchange of ideas, our students embarked on a journey of exploration, uncovering both similarities and differences between the two systems. With the guidance of their American peers, they skillfully articulated their findings.

By engaging with students from a different cultural background, they learned the value of perspective-taking and the importance of embracing diversity. It is through these experiences that they learn, grow, and evolve, preparing themselves to live in a global community.