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During the last month, from 4th to 6th Grade, students have been inquiring about matter, materials and energy. They are really interesting topics that they enjoy, so they have been fully motivated.

After the inquiry, we celebrated the SCIENCE FAIR to make conclusions and demonstrate agency.

4th graders went to the school lab to conduct an experiment about the states of matter and to complete a checklist of the properties of materials.

After working on matter and its properties, 5th graders also went to the school lab to make two different experiments. On the first day, they inquired about solubility and evaporation, making salt crystals. On the second day, they discovered what chemical changes are through an experiment mixing different types of matter.

6th graders got to know the scientific method in order to conduct experiments in the laboratory. After writing down all the observations and data in a lapbook, they presented those experiments to 4th and 5th grade while explaining all the procedure they followed to succeed. When the SCIENCE FAIR concluded, all students wrote a self reflection about their learning experience and gave constructive feedback to their classmates.

It was a great opportunity to share their scientific knowledge with the rest of the groups.