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What do we do at school?

What do we do at school?

Every day in first grade we spend the first 6-8 minutes in the assembly, talking about the date, the weather and our feelings. For us, it’s crucial to LISTEN actively. At this point, you can hear our students saying things like: “Today I am very excited because my auntie is coming to pick me up!” or “Today I am happy because I am going to the swimming pool with my friend.” After our sharing, we are ready to sing a song and start our practice. As you can see in our video, we work on the four basic skills.

WE READ. We continue building our understanding of the English language by using Jolly Phonics, Alphablocks, and a variety of physical and digital books from our libraries.

WE WRITE. We improve our writing day by day, using their interest in different topics. As first graders we are beginning to see the differences between letters, words and sentences. We also work on our handwriting skills with games and tracing practices.

WE TALK, speak, and chat and this is by far our favorite practice. We have so many things to say to the world!

Collaborative learning is a meaningful way for us to learn not only from the teacher but also from our friends. We play different roles and we always try our best to have a great and fun time while learning English! Come and see.