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Throughout the first Unit of Inquiry ‘Who we are’ at Arturo Soria School, focusing on BUILDING HEALTHY HABITS, 1st grade students had so much fun identifying and expressing their emotions through different activities.

Accompanied by the colourful monsters and practicing a variety of ways to stay calm when needed, they learned important life skills. Moreover, they really enjoyed singing the Scribble Spot song!

They have also reviewed the parts of the body designing and describing their monsters! Aren’t they fun and original?

Altogether, they inquired about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, as it is recommended by the World Health Organisation since it affects how we feel and helps us grow strong. They worked in cooperative groups to fill a brainstorm full of ideas about good habits they already knew.

Then, they all shared their knowledge with the rest of the class, demonstrating their skills as effective communicators. And guess what? This exchange led them to discover new approaches to building healthy habits, deepening their understanding of the profound impact these habits have on our lives!

Lastly, the students drew and painted the consequences of a healthy daily routine to give advice to other students on how to take care of themselves.