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“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
― Jorge Luis Borges

On the 24 th of October, we celebrated the International Day of Libraries. This is an initiative from the Spanish Association of Friends of Books for Children and Young People and was first celebrated in 1997. It commemorates the destruction of the Sarajevo National Library, which was set on fire in 1992 during the Balkans War.

For IB schools “The library is the vibrant heart of the school“. It plays a central role in any school along with librarians, who provide educational and pedagogical leadership, and are often involved inquiring with teachers and students. (International Baccalaureate, 2023)

The Arturo Soria School, as in previous years, wanted to join this celebration and several activities have been carried out with the purpose of ensuring that students understand the importance that libraries have in their education.

Our 1st graders created a lovely mural full of hearts to express “Why do we love our library?“

In 2nd grade, our students shared with their classmates their favourite stories. They also wrote posters for everyone to meet their favourite characters.

Our 3rd and 4th graders engaged in sharing their favorite books with the class, leading to the creation of a ‘Bookflix,’ complete with a variety of recommendations for everyone to enjoy.

The students of 5th grade reflected on the importance of going to the library and expressed their thoughts in this video: “Why do we like our library?

In 6th grade, our students inquired about some libraries around the world. They recorded themselves to share this new knowledge with everyone in the school.

Happy International Libraries Day!!