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In February, we celebrated International Writing Day at school, where the pupils learned the importance of texts as an element of communication, focusing on their imagination and their ability to understand the meaning of different writings.

The youngest classes carried out different activities focused on how they would look like when they grow up, adding a drawing that clarifies it. Another activity that our children have done is the search for 5 ways to help the Earth, making a series of drawings.

For the older students, we worked on the creation of a comic book, in this case, the students had to make up a story, using their imagination to come up with exciting conversations and stories!.

On the other hand, we have a reflection activity, in order to improve two different points, connect concepts, and be able to reflect on and explain their work. In this case, the activity is a calligram, which consisted of creating a drawing from a poem, phrase or short paragraph.

We can see their creative power and their motivation in the activity. We have great artists!!