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All children look forward to Easter time! It spells the arrival of spring, along with different activities and lots of fun for the little ones. Undoubtedly, one of the great things about Easter is the magic that they hold for kids, just like Christmas time.

In our school, Easter traditions bring a special kind of magic for both children and teachers. With a dash of imagination, creativity and plenty of beautifully wrapped chocolate, what could go wrong?

Kindergarten students created fantastic rabbit ears, coloring them with different color pencils. They were very excited thinking they could put them on and wear them during the exciting egg Hunt. In fact, with Easter right around the corner, classroom egg hunts are a great opportunity to make learning fun in all kinds of ways!

Moreover, the Easter Bunny came to class when the students were outside in the playground. Once the bell rang, we walked them to the designated area and showed them the boundaries of where they could look for the hidden chocolate eggs. All of the students were happy and excited picking up eggs and running towards the basket. It was great!

In First-grade Primary, they had to look for hidden eggs in class too. Whereas in third grade they did a scavenger hunt. Each clue was accompanied by an image, where each clue led them to another one. On the last track, they had a little surprise, which consisted on a sticker with a picture of a heart.

Additionally, in fourth grade they played the game “Where’s my egg?” it consisted of writing where they were going to hide the egg that they would later paint. Further, the scholars painted two eggs and one kept the instructions while the other student was in charge of hiding the egg. After that, they gave the instructions to another child and they looked for the child’s egg.

Besides, they did three engaging activities: scramble the easter words, word search and easter anagram given the words «happy easter» were they had to write down as many words as they could think of using each letter once. They really enjoyed each of the activities, since they were highly motivated!