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Once again, The Scalofrini Family has visited our school! For those of you who do not know them yet, they are a wonderful band that really surprised our students last year on Halloween. They are characterized by composing and creating children’s songs. They are a band that have a wide repertoire of songs that make children laugh, since they are funny and catchy. THE SCALOFRINI CARNIVAL SHOW!! – Canciones infantiles de miedo y risas (

In addition, The Scalofrini Family is always accompanied by incredible staging, sets that leave students speechless, and materials that our students do not expect at all. Such as: songs with messages, dances that keep them in suspense all the time and many surprises which are commented in corridors and classes after the concert.

As a matter of fact, in their concerts they are not the only ones who participate. On this special occasion, our students have had the opportunity to take part of it playing a role in the scene.
In particular, they have danced together, performed a group choreography and even be able to feel like participants in the band playing an instrument.

It goes without saying that our students have had a great time!
Undoubtedly, another year, The Scalofrini Family will be back in our school looking forward to surprise us all again!